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Go for the Gold--

a matching quiz on gold hostas

Test your hosta knowledge, and hopefully learn a few new selections in the process! Match the description in the left column with the correct cultivar in the right column. Then check against answers at the bottom. For photos of many, check out some of the specialty hosta nurseries in your area or online, or just type the name into a search engine like Google.
1. dark gold, lightens during season; mutation from 'Perry's True Blue'; 15" tall clump; light lavender flowers a. 'Little Aurora'
2. mutation from 'June'; flat mound 2' wide and tall; light lavender flowers in late summer; from Hansen b. 'Inniswood'
3. thick, bright leaves 8" long and wide; clumps 12" tall; 'August Moon' hybrid from Savory; light purple flowers c. 'May'
4. sport of 'Guacamole'; fast growing; 30" wide and 18" tall; flowers fragrant, large, white, late; from Solberg d. 'Golden Gate'
5. leaves thick, frosted above, white below; rupifraga hybrid from Lachman; 2' wide, 12" tall; light lavender flowers, late e. 'Paul's Glory'
6. corrugated, bright leaves; 4' wide, 2' tall; light lavender flowers; from Aden f. 'Glory'
7. from gardens of same name in Ohio; sport of 'Sun glow'; leaves corrugated, wide deep green edge; fast growing; 4' wide, 2' tall g. 'Sun Power'
8. dwarf classic from Aden; 20" wide, 10" tall; round, thick leaves; light lavender flowers h. 'Frosty Morn'
9. one of the best golds, from Aden; pointed leaves; upright vase habit 3' wide and 2' tall; light lavender flowers i. 'Zounds'
10. leaves large, thick, pointed; 4' wide, 2' tall; early lavender flowers; from Indiana breeder Petryszyn j. 'Fried Bananas'


Answers: 1e, 2c, 3f, 4j, 5h, 6i, 7b, 8a, 9g, 10d

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