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The Why (how it differs, why you should consider it)
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Whether you are a home gardener, or industry professional, if you’re interested in outdoor flowers, here’s what this course can offer you:

This course is designed and taught by Dr. Leonard Perry, Extension Professor at the University of Vermont.  Having first studied landscape design in the southern U.S., then herbaceous plants at Cornell University, Dr. Perry brings this breadth of experience to this course.  Dr. Perry teaches a similar course to students at UVM (PSS123 Garden Flowers and Indoor Plants), works with Extension advising growers on ornamentals, conducts trials and research on flowers and in particular perennials (see Perry's Perennial Pages), and travels the country and world speaking and visiting gardens.
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So why take this particular course? What does it offer unique or different?

A few representative comments from students about the course:

"Wow, there is so much information in the lecture notes its amazing!"

"Good stuff to know for the gardener!"

"I think the material covered for this quiz was extremely useful for someone who is interested in either beginning their own garden or improving a garden they are currently growing."

"This [quiz] was a good representation of what was covered in the lecture summaries.
Since I am taking the course strictly online that was a nice feature."

"I like the fact that you write in short summaries [ on quizzes] for the wrong as well as the correct answers. It’s very helpful information and easy to remember."

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