Herbaceous Perennial Production


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Herbaceous Perennial Production

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What wont be covered

What will be covered

Questions to determine production





Types of production: field

Types of production: containers

Greenhouse or nursery?

Production begins with:

Propagation “cultures”

Propagation Methods

Tissue culture

Seeds (vs. vegetative)

…more seed challenges

… more seed challenges (or vegetative benefits)

Dealing with seed challenges

Plug advantages

…more plug advantages

Sample cost comparisons

Plug production-- Water

Plug production-- Temperature

Plug production-- Media

. . . Plug production-- Media

Plug production-- Fertility

...Plug production-- Fertility in 32/72s (after transplanting)

… more plug production tips

Mechanized seedling production

Seed treatments

Vegetative propagation tips

What is not covered here

Vegetative propagation: culture

Vegetative propagation: media

Vegetative propagation: moisture

Vegetative propagation: timing

Vegetative propagation: buying

Own stock advantages

Stock plant considerations

Production tips seed or vegetative

Scheduling Key: first year bloom for consumer

Nursery/grower scheduling options

cold definitions

More production scheduling options

Finishing for Spring Sales (Late winter planting)

Finishing tips-- Liquid Fertility

. . . Finishing tips-- Liquid Fertility

Finishing tips-- CRF Fertility

. . . Finishing tips-- CRF Fertility

Finishing tips-- Organic Fertility

Finishing tips-- Media

. . . Finishing tips-- Media

. . . Finishing tips-- Media Amendments

Keys to Media success

Finishing tips-- Light

Finishing-- height control

Finishing-- height control temperature

Finishing-- height control Growth Regulators


Forcing-- Environment

Forcing-- some rules

Forcing-- temperature variations

Forcing-- light variations

Forcing-- combinations

. . . Forcing-- combinations

Forcing-- exceptions

Some useful perennial references

Perry’s Perennial Pages

Author: Leonard Perry

Email: leonard.perry@uvm.edu

Home Page: www.uvm.edu/~pass/perry/

Other information:
Herbaceous Perennial Container Production