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New England Home Gardening Online Extension Publications

The following links will lead you to Extension leaflets on many topics which you can print out to answer questions, learn how to choose plants and care for them, whether they are woody plant, flower, fruit, or vegetable.

General Gardening
Woody Plants, Groundcovers
Problems (and weeds)

File addresses ending in "pdf " require Adobe Acrobat to read, which you can download for free.


General Gardening

Adaptive Gardening, Gardening with Limitations .pdf
Allergies and Gardening
Alternatives to Invasive Landscape Plants .pdf
Applying Fertilizers on Home Gardens
Bird Feeding
Butterfly Garden .pdf
Butterflies in Your Garden
Cats and Wildlife, Facts on
Color in Flowers
Components of a Backyard Wildlife Habitat
Designing Your Landscape for Maine
Drought Gardening
Drought Tolerate Plants for NH Landscapes .pdf
Fertilizing Landscape Plants
Fertilizing Trees and Shrubs .pdf
Fire-safe Landscapes
First Aid for Bee and Insect Stings
Garden Design and Styles
Garden Design to Reduce Stress
Garden Mazes and Labyrinths
Efficient Water Use in Landscapes .pdf
Garden Mulches .pdf
Garden Railways
Historic Gardens
Home Composting
How Compost Happens
Hummingbirds in Your Garden
Invasive Perennials
Keeping Your Yard Safe for Birds
Landscape Design Basics
Landscape Design for Homes
Landscape Gardening in Clay
Landscape to Conserve Energy
Landscaping for Butterflies
Low Maintenance Landscapes
Northern Drought Resistant Plants
Perennial Flower Garden Design
pH for the Garden
Planning a Backyard Wildlife Habitat
Planning Home Landscapes
Plant Hardiness
Planting Shoreland Areas .pdf
Plants for Historic Gardens
Poisonous Plants
Poisonous Plants in Pastures .pdf
Potentially Harmful Perennials
Preparing the Garden for Winter
Principles for Creating a Backyard Wildlife Habitat
Propagation of Perennials
Proper Mulching
Purchasing Compost .pdf
Purchasing Topsoil .pdf
Rock Gardening
Rooting Cuttings
Slow Release Fertilizers for Landscapes .pdf
Soil Organic Matter
Testing Your Soil
Trickle Irrigation
Understanding your Soil Test Results .pdf
Using Plants in the Landscape .pdf
Using Your Compost .pdf
Water Gardening
Why Plants Fail to Bloom
Wildflower (Successful) Meadows
Winter Injury
Winter Protection of Roses
Why a Backyard Habitat


Choosing Seed for the Lawn .pdf
Establishing a Home Lawn
Fertilizing Home Lawns .pdf
Home Lawn Maintenance
Insect Pests of Home Lawns .pdf
Installing and Maintaining a Sod Lawn .pdf
Lawn Diseases (VT)
Lawn Diseases (NH) .pdf
Lawn Problems
Leave Those Clippings on the Lawn .pdf
Managing Phosphorus on Lawns .pdf
Moles in Home Lawns .pdf
Moss and Mushrooms in Home Lawns .pdf
Nitrogen and Lawns .pdf
Powdery Mildew in Lawns .pdf
Preventing Lawn Diseases .pdf
Proper Lawn Management to Protect Water Quality
Starting and Overseeding Home Lawns .pdf
Turfgrass Diseases, cultural management .pdf
Using Plants as Indicators to Diagnose Turf Problems .pdf


Cacti and Succulents Indoors
Common Houseplant Problems .pdf
Flowering Potted Plants
Houseplant Problems
Houseplants from the Kitchen .pdf
Indoor Lighting for Houseplants
Natural Holiday Decorations

Woody Plants, Groundcovers

Fertilizing Trees and Shrubs .pdf
Flowering Crabapples
Flowering Crabapples for Maine
Forcing Flowering Branches
Growing Lilacs (VT)
Growing Lilacs (NH) .pdf
Growing Rhododendrons and Azaleas in Northern New England .pdf
Landscaping Woodland Areas .pdf
Large Shrubs and Small Trees for Screening
Northern Drought Resistant Plants
Pruning Deciduous Shrubs .pdf
Pruning Evergreens .pdf
Pruning Shade Trees .pdf
Pruning Trees and Shrubs
Pruning Woody Landscape Plants
Salt Tolerance of Trees and Shrubs
Selecting, Planting, and Caring for Trees and Shrubs in Maine
Steps to Follow Planting Trees and Shrubs .pdf
Transplanting Wild Trees


Annual Flowers
Bulbs for Spring Bloom
Caring for Perennials
Cut Flowers .pdf
Deer Resistant Perennials
Fall Perennial Care
Flowers for Shade
Forcing Bulbs Indoors
Fragrant Perennials
Garden Chrysanthemums
Growing Ferns .pdf
Growing Flowering Perennials .pdf
Growing Peonies
Growing Perennials in Containers
Growing Perennials
Growing Roses (VT)
Growing Roses (NH) .pdf
Hardy Roses
Hostas, Choosing and Growing
Invasive Perennials
Landscaping with Flowers .pdf
Northern Drought Resistant Plants
Perennial Flower Garden Design
Perennials--Choosing and Planting
Perennial Species for Containers
Potentially Harmful Perennials
Summer Flowering Bulbs
Tree Peonies
Why Plants Fail to Bloom
Wildflower (Successful) Meadows
Winter Protection of Roses (VT)
Winter Protection of Roses (NH) .pdf


Fertilizing Vegetables .pdf
Growing Asparagus and Rhubarb .pdf
Growing Beans .pdf
Growing Cole Crops .pdf
Growing Potatoes .pdf
Growing Potatoes in the Home Garden
Growing Root Crops .pdf
Growing Tomatoes .pdf
Growing Vegetables in Containers .pdf
Guidelines for using Manure on Vegetable Gardens
Intensive Vegetable Gardening .pdf
Key Vegetable Problems
Kitchen Garden Herbs .pdf
Planning a Winter Vegetable Garden .pdf
Starter Solutions for Vegetable Crops .pdf
Sweet Corn Production .pdf
Ten Steps to Success with your Vegetable Garden .pdf
Timing Vegetable Transplants .pdf


Care of the Mature Backyard Apple Tree .pdf
Choosing the Right Apple Rootstock .pdf
Dwarf Apple Trees for Home Gardens .pdf
Fertilizing Fruit Crops .pdf
Growing Currants and Gooseberries .pdf
Growing Fruit Trees .pdf
Growing Grapes .pdf
Growing Highbush Blueberries (NH) .pdf
Growing Highbush Blueberries (ME)
Growing Peaches .pdf
Growing Pears .pdf
Growing Raspberries and Blackberries (NH) .pdf
Growing Raspberries and Blackberries (ME)
Growing Strawberries (NH) .pdf
Growing Strawberries (ME)
Home Fruit Spray Schedule .pdf
Planting and Early Care of Fruit Trees
Prune Fruit at the Right Time .pdf
Renovating Old Apple Trees
Training and Pruning Young Apple and Pear Trees .pdf
Using Refined Horticultural Oils on Fruit Trees .pdf


Alternatives to Invasive Landscape Plants .pdf
Aphids (VT)
Aphids (NH) .pdf
Asiatic Garden Beetle (VT)
Asiatic Garden Beetle (NH) .pdf
Beetles on Ornamental plants .pdf
Beneficial Insects in Your Backyard
Blueberry Maggot .pdf
Cabbage Maggot .pdf
Chinch Bugs in lawns
Colorado Potato Beetle .pdf
Cutworms .pdf
European Corn Borer .pdf
European Fire Ants
Flea Beetles (VT)
Flea Beetles (NH) .pdf
Fungus Gnats
Hemlock Wooly Adelgid .pdf
How Insecticides Work
Imported Cabbage Worm .pdf
Insect Pests of Home Lawns .pdf
Integrated Pest Management .pdf
Japanese Beetles
Lady Beetles
Lily Leaf Beetle .pdf
Perennial Problems and Pests
Raspberry Cane Borer .pdf
Striped Cucumber Beetle .pdf
Tarnished Plant Bug .pdf
many more from Vermont


Black Knot on Plums and Cherries .pdf
Hollyhock Rust
Lawn Diseases (VT)
Lawn Diseases (NH) .pdf
Lawn Problems
Powdery Mildew
Powdery Mildew in Lawns .pdf
Powdery Mildew on Phlox and Monarda
Powdery Mildew Controls on Phlox and Monarda
Preventing Lawn Diseases .pdf
Rose Diseases .pdf
Seedling Damping-off
Ten Easy Steps to Prevent Common Garden Diseases .pdf
Tomato Leaf Spots .pdf
Turfgrass Diseases, cultural management .pdf
many more from Vermont

Problems (and weeds)

Animal Pests of Flowers
Beneficial Insects .pdf
Broadleaf Lawn Weeds .pdf
Common Container Garden Problems .pdf
Crabgrass .pdf
Cut Flowers .pdf
Dealing with Woodchuck Damage .pdf
Deer Resistant Perennials
Lyme Disease
Moles in Home Lawns .pdf
Nuisance Wildlife Around Homes .pdf
Perennial Problems and Pests
Relative Tolerance of Trees to Air Pollution Injury .pdf
Slugs (NH) .pdf
Slugs and Snails (VT)
Tree Guards for Tree and Shrub Protection .pdf
Why Plants Fail to Bloom

For more, including ones specific for a state or available in hard copy to order, visit the Extension Publications catalogs:

Maine (includes many specific invasive plant leaflets not listed here)
Massachusetts (listings for ordering books, other)
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York (includes an interactive flower selector)
Vermont (includes many entomology and disease leaflets not listed here)
In addition, press articles on these and additional topics can be found listed by season, or topic, and searchable.



Links provided by Inclusion here is not meant as a recommendation to the exclusion of those not listed.  If you have useful sites, please recommend them to us.

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