Herbaceous Perennial Production

A Guide from Propagation to Marketing 

What others have to say:

"This publication considers the diversity of situations encountered by growers in businesses of all sizes. It goes beyond basic physical needs of crops (temperature, length of production time for example) to include the intangibles (merchandising and consumer perceptions, practicality of specific growing methods). Information is supported by research. The extensive list of perennials stimulates the experienced grower to try new ones; details of all phases of production make it a valuable resource for any grower." Dorothy Pellett-- wholesale grower, Vermont

"Boy, could I have used this when I first started growing perennials. How nice of the perennial industry to finally have such a gem as a reference guide." Ellen Talmage-- wholesale grower, author and Northeast representative to Perennial Plant Association, New York

"It is indeed a very useful reference. The propagation table alone is worth the price, combining for the first time most available information in one place." Dr. Lloyd Mapplebeck-- professor, Nova Scotia Agricultural College

"You've written a very thorough overview of the subject, and I think it would be a welcome addition to any grower's library. I would have appreciated having as thorough compilation of the information when I was starting out." Paul Sokal-- grower and landscaper, Vermont

"I'm sure this will be useful to both novices and long-time growers. It is very complete, and would be a great asset to any university teaching perennial production." Stephanie Cohen-- consultant, teacher at Temple University, Perennial Plant Association Research Committee chair and Mid-Atlantic representative, Pennsylvania

"At last, a text on how to grow perennial plants for commercial production! Dr. Perry has successfully combined propagation techniques with "growing on" strategies. Complete information on such subjects was only available in piecemeal form and would have to be laboriously compiled to create a student guide or nursery reference tool. With this book countless hours of searching can be eliminated. A useful text even for the seasoned nursery professional, "Herbaceous Perennial Production," would be an asset to any library. The information is current to "leading-edge" on propagation, and production (both in and out of greenhouses). Details such as out-of-season forcing, and absolute crown hardiness help to provide a complete reference for growers trying to produce quality products. Excellent information on growing media and nutrition are included as well. A superb information source, imminently readable, and a welcome asset for advanced hobbyists, students of horticulture, and the professional nursery or greenhouse operator." Sinclair Adam, Jr.--wholesale grower, Pennsylvania

A New Reference Book for Commercial Perennial Growers 

At last a publication about growing perennial plants for commercial production! In Herbaceous Perennials Production: A Guide from Propagation to Marketing, Dr. Leonard Perry of the University of Vermont Extension System has created a book that will interest novice and experienced commercial growers, advanced hobbyists, and floriculture and horticulture students.

 Herbaceous Perennials Production is a comprehensive information source that considers the diversity of situations encountered by growers in businesses of all sizes. The 220-page book maintains a focus on production and contains information that until now was available only in piecemeal form. It discusses the basics-such as taxonomy and nomenclature, plant hardiness, the physical needs of crops, and types of irrigation systems-as well as cutting-edge, research-based information about perennial propagation and production. The focus is on nursery and greenhouse production of field or container perennials, but the greenhouse plug and bedding plant methods of production are covered as well. 

Key chapters in the book discuss production systems and schedules, propagation (including media, nutrients, environmental requirements, and methods), plug production, transplant and seedling care, nursery and field production, and pest control (including deer and small animals). A chapter about forcing out-of-season bloom includes up-to-date information about research on this topic as well as a table of specific forcing requirements for over 120 perennial species and cultivars. Practical discussions about starting a business, marketing and customer service, setting prices for plants, and designing a production facility are included as well. 

The publication also features a lengthy 51-page appendix that details propagation methods and requirements for hundreds of species. Other appendixes cover optimum germination conditions for specific perennials and biennials, pests and diseases, and useful calculations and conversions. Thirty-eight figures, 45 tables, a glossary, and a references section supplement the text. This book is sure to be a valuable addition to any grower's bookshelf. 

Dr. Leonard Perry has been growing perennials in the United States for twenty-eight years, both in the South and in the North. He has spent summers working in industry and at the renowned Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Since 1981, he has been with the extension system at the University of Vermont, working directly with the industry and region, speaking at meetings locally and internationally, and touring perennial gardens and nurseries worldwide. His research during his tenure in Vermont has covered all aspects of perennial culture, particularly overwintering and hardiness. He also teaches a course in herbaceous plants at the University of Vermont.

Herbaceous Perennials Production: A Guide from Propagation to Marketing, NRAES-93, is available for $27.00 per copy (plus shipping and handling) from NRAES (Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service), Cooperative Extension, 152 Riley-Robb Hall, Ithaca, New York 14853-5701.Quantity discounts are available. The shipping and handling charge is $5.00 for a single copy within the continental United States. If ordering more than one book or if ordering from outside the United States, please contact NRAES for shipping costs. Orders from outside the United States must be prepaid in U.S. funds. Major credit cards are accepted, and checks should be made payable to NRAES. For information about quantity discounts, or for a free publications catalog, contact NRAES by phone at (607) 255-7654, by fax at (607) 254-8770, or by e-mail at nraes@cornell.edu. NRAES's web site (http://rcwpsun.cas.psu.edu/NRAES) includes a list of other NRAES publications.

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