Sedum 'Lajos' (Autumn Charmô)

Sedum Lajos Autumn Charm    Perennial of the Month-- August 2013 Perry caricature

(see' dum)  (pronunciation at link, turn up volume if too low)

Common name:  Lajos or Autumn Charm sedum, orpine

Family:  Crassulaceae, orpine

Height x width: 12-18in. high and wide

Growth rate, habit: moderate, upright

Foliage: creamy leaf margins, obovate, coarsely toothed, 2-3in. long and half as wide, thick, alternate on stems

Flowers:  late summer south to early fall north, white buds, pink young turning russet red with age; flowers in panicle cluster, domed and terminal to 4-6in. across

Hardiness: USDA zones 4-9

Soil:  well-drained average, tolerates drought once established; not too fertile

Light:  full sun (> 6 hours direct sun per day)

Pests and problems:  none significant, root roots if too wet soil, may attract aphids 

Landscape habit, uses:  containers, rock gardens, cut flower, borders, massed, butterflies; combines well with blue switchgrasses, veronica (speedwell), asters, blue mist shrub, Russian sage

Other interest: pronounced "lai' osh" (a Hungarian boy name meaning famous warrior), being a natural sport of 'Autumn Joy' found at a wholesale nursery (Harvard, IL) in 1997; propagated by Brent Horvath of Intrinsic Perennial Gardens (Hebron, IL); resists rabbits and deer (perhaps not woodchucks)

Other culture:  plants may be tall and flop if soil is too rich

Propagation:  commercially by licensed propagators, PP14,421; home by spring division or early summer cuttings

Sources:  many online and local specialty nurseries

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