Sedum rupestre  'Lemon Ball'

Sedum Lemon Ball    Perennial of the Month-- March 2013 Perry caricature

(see' dum ru-pess' tree) (pronunciation at link, turn up volume if too low)

Common name:  Lemon Ball sedum

Family:  Orpine (Crassulaceae) 

Height x width: 4-6" x 10-12"    

Growth rate, habit: moderate, mounded

Foliage: bright chartreuse-yellow cultivar of species (gray-green), spiky leaves to 3/4in. long, often with bronze tips; in cold climates leaves turn reddish-orange in fall; evergreen

Flowers:  yellow and star-shaped to 1/2in. wide, in terminal cymes late spring into summer; not showy as they blend in with leaves

Hardiness: USDA zones 4-9 (although often seen listed 3-10)

Soil:  average well-drained, tolerates poor and dry once established

Light:  full sun best, less robust in part shade (4-6hours direct sun per day)

Pests and problems:  none significant, root rot if too wet

Landscape habit, uses:  rock gardens, containers, raised beds, massed in beds, fronts of borders, containers; combine with dark-leaved coralbells, upright pink or red-flowered sedum, blue fescue, blue or purple speedwells, golden or blue-leaved carex, among bluestars

Other interest: very similar to 'Angelina' only brighter foliage and more mounded, virtually identical to Lemon Coral (Proven Winners program); species name was formerly reflexum

Other culture:  easy, low maintenance

Propagation:  stem cuttings early summer

Sources:  many online and local specialty nurseries

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