Coreopsis 'Route 66' 

Coreopsis Route 66    Perennial of the Month-- June 2014 Perry caricature

 (pronunciation at link)  (core-e-opp' siss )

Common name:  Route 66 threadleaf coreopsis/tickseed

Family:  Asteraceae, Aster (composite, daisy)

Height x width: 1.5-2 x 1.5-2ft.

Growth rate, habit: moderate, upright clump

Foliage: threadleaf (similar to verticillata species) segments to palmately 3-parted compound leaves, to 2-in. long and 3-in. wide

Flowers:  June (south), early July (north) through summer into early fall, bright yellow with red central "eye", red spreads to petal tips with cooler weather and fall, 2in. or more wide

Hardiness: USDA zones 4-9 (minimum -25F at least)

Soil:  average, well-drained, withstands some drought once established, tolerates sandy to rocky soils

Light:  sun

Pests and problems:  none serious, crown rot if in wet soils, possibly slugs and snails

Landscape habit, uses:  borders edges or massed, along walks, cottage gardens, rock gardens, naturalized areas, attracts butterflies; combines well with 'Firecracker' clumping loosestrife, shasta daisies, daylilies, Helen's flower, blue mist shrub, speedwells, blanket flower, perennial salvia, lavender, Russian stonecrop or Autumn stonecrops

Other interest: Plant Patent USPP20609. Discovered in 2005 in the garden of Patti Bauer, Bauer's Forever Flowers, Lucinda, PA of unknown parents, introduced by Itsaul Plants (GA); robust and vigorous growth, many flowers over a long period; deer resistant

Other culture:  deadheading  can promote more rebloom, shear tops off after bloom in warmer climates for bushier plants and more rebloom

Propagation:  commercially by licensed propagators, at home by division in spring

Sources:  many online and local specialty nurseries

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