Instructions on installing wallpapers and saving photos

All photos are JPEG (.jpg) files. All are 640 x 480 pixels in size (60-80KB) unless noted. This just refers to how you have your monitor set. If you don't know this, check out the display panel settings under control panel settings. Some pictures are also available larger as 800 x 600 (100-140KB) or 1024 x 768 (200-240KB).

I usually like to start by saving photos onto my computer in a separate file so I can use them as desired. So, if you want to try this too, create a separate folder you'll remember (maybe photos, wallpapers, or the like) to put these in as described below.

Windows 95 and Windows 3.1

Newer versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer

The process should be pretty simple if you have one of these.

1. Left Click your mouse on the desired thumbnail image, which should give a full sized image.

2. If you want to save this, Right Click on it. Then on the menu that appears, Left Click on "Save Image As" and select the folder where you want to save it to.

3. You can then, or after skipping step 2 save, Left Click on "Save as Wallpaper", and it's done. Go back to your main Control Panel you get on startup of your computer, and you should see this background or wallpaper.

Older versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer

A bit more involved, but not too bad. Steps 1 and 2 as above, then...

3. Use a graphics program like Photoshop, Paintshop Pro or similar shareware program to convert this JPEG image you saved into a Bitmap BMP file; then save this file usually in your Windows directory (C:\Windows). Beware, BMP files can be large (1M or more).

4. Go to the Windows Control Panel, then Display, then select the BMP file you just saved.


System 8.0 and later

1. Click on one of the thumbnail images as above to display the full-sized image.

2. Select File, then Save As from the browser menu, then select a folder to save the image in.

3. Select Control Panel (from the Apple Menu in upper left corner), then Desktop Pictures, then from the box that appears click on "Picture" button, then Select Picture and find the image you just saved.

4. Click Set Desktop.

System 7.x and earlier

You'll have to use another program for images, wallpapers and screen savers such as After Dark , Screenscapes or other similar. Check your local software store for these, or surf for them on the net.

Screensavers, and more ...

There are many more wallpapers, screen savers and directions on the web. Check these out by typing these key words in search engines, or you can start with some of the sites below. By saving images in a folder, you can then use them in screen savers as well-- either in ones you can purchase or build your own, simply or more complex, from software as in the sites below.


Screen Savers A2Z

Screen Savers Bonanza


Sunlight Software

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