University of Vermont Extension
Department of Plant and Soil Science

Dr. Leonard P. Perry, Extension Professor

Perennials and Persons

 Answers at end of list of questions below.

1. This Greek hero supposedly used the millefolium species of yarrow to treat soldiers' wounds. Who was this famous soldier of legend?

2. This ornamental grass is named for 18th century naturalist Louis Deschamps. What is this genus?

3. This genus of Cinnamon Fern is named after the Nordic god Thor, who was also known as what?

4. This relatively new cultivar of yarrow with sulphur yellow flowers similar to 'Moonshine' and silvery-grey foliage, but more erect, was introduced by Alan Bloom and named after his daughter. What is her name?

5. This breeder and horticulturist is responsible for introducing several new cultivars of native perennials in recent years, including 'Purple Dome' aster and 'Golden Fleece' goldenrod. Who is this man?

6. This New England Aster with violet-blue flowers was named after the wife of a well-known garden writer. What is her, and the cultivar's, name?

7. The hobby gardener George Russell crossed these flowers, and introduced famous cultivars in the 1930's which are still popular today. What is this perennial?

8. The perennial plant of the year for 1998, Echinacea purpurea 'Magnus' or Magnus Purple Coneflower, is a native to the U.S. but was selected by a famous nurseryman in Paarp, Sweden just across the straits from Hamlet's famous castle in Helsingor. It was then introduced to the perennial trade by a famous seedsman. Who are these two men?

9. This relatively new species of climbing rose with medium size and upright pillar habit is named after a famous 20th century German rose breeder. Can you name him?

10. What is the hardy and old-fashioned perennial named after the Greek physician Phaeon whom Pluto supposedly changed into a flowers?

Bonus. This fall-blooming perennial, rather large and with red, orange or yellow flowers is named after Helen of Troy. Can you name it?



1. Achilles as in Achillea

2. Deschampsia

3. Osmunder

4. Anthea

5. Dr. Richard Lighty of the Mt. Cuba Center in Delaware

6. Hella Lacey

7. Russell Hybrid Lupines, Lupinus

8. Magnus Nilsson was the nurseryman, Klaus Jelitto the seedsman

9. Wilhelm Kordes, Kordesii climbing roses

10. Peony, Paeonia

11. Helenium, Helen's flower or sneezeweed (No, it doesn't cause one to sneeze any more than goldenrod-- it's the ragweed which blooms at the same time that causes allergies.)


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