Perennial Propagation and Plug Production

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Table of Contents

Nuts and bolts of Perennial Propagation and Plug Production

Propagation “cultures”

Propagation Methods

Seeds (vs. vegetative)

…more seed challenges

… more seed challenges (or vegetative benefits)

Tissue culture

Plug advantages

…more plug advantages

Sample cost comparisons

Plug production tips

Plug media considerations

Plug fertility considerations

… more plug production tips

Mechanized production

Seed treatments

…more seed treatments

…yet more seed treatments


288?50 sample schedule

Fertility in 50s (after transplanting from 288)

288 sowings vary with growth rate

72, 125 sample schedule

Scheduling depends on type of operation

Nursery/grower scheduling options

Time to finish/sale influenced by

Finishing for April Sales (February planting)

Finishing tips

Finishing-- height control

Vegetative propagation tips

What is not covered here

Vegetative propagation: culture

Vegetative propagation: media

Vegetative propagation: moisture

Vegetative propagation: timing

Vegetative propagation: stock

Outdoor stock bed advantages

Stem cuttings

Other cuttings

Root cuttings

Root cuttings: conditions


Production tips seed or vegetative

Some useful perennial propagation references

Author: Leonard Perry 


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