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Perennial Plug Propagation Basics COH 41

Dr. Leonard P. Perry, Extension Professor

Plug production tips Plug fertility considerations Sowing

Wk 1 chamber 70-75°, 80-90%RH

(low light or none, plastic cover alternative)

Wk 2-4 prop house 70-75 °, 70-80%RH

air and soil temperature, may need bottom heat

20-10-20 75ppm, 2x/wk 2; 150ppm 2x/wk 3-4

WK 5-6 harden (?) 60-65 °, 35-40%RH

2:1 Ca and K nitrates, and thereafter as needed

288® 50 sample schedule

Fertility in 50s (after transplanting from 288)

Wk 2-4 20-10-20, 150ppm

Wk 5-6 15-10-15, 125ppm

Wk7 on no fertility, or as needed

288 sowings vary with growth rate

Slow, sow late May, 8-10 weeks in 50s; Aquilegia hybrids, Campanula carpatica

Moderate, sow mid June, 6-8 weeks in 50s; Lupine, Geum, Gaillardia, Delphinium, Dianthus

Fast, sow mid July, 4-6 weeks in 50s; Achillea, Leucanthemum, Coreopsis, Rudbeckia

72, 125 sample schedule

Aug sow, 65-75 ° 6 weeks

Sep 15-Oct 15 ¯ temps 6 weeks

Nov 35 ° , hold 12 weeks

Feb plant 6-12 weeks

Apr-May sell total 30-36 weeks

sell/buy at any stage, depending

Nursery/grower scheduling options

Finishing for April Sales (February planting) to 4 inch pot, from Finishing tips
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