University of Vermont Extension System
Department of Plant and Soil Science

Caring for Perennials                     OH 26

Dr. Leonard P. Perry, Extension Professor

First year: mulch, water well and often, special attention and care

Later years: remulch or compost, fertilize, infrequent water if any, prune/divide as needed

Time required: on "average", 60 minutes per 100 sq.ft. per month

Seasonal activities/needs: Mulching

1) right after planting--conserves moisture, prevents soil crusting (clay), weed control (?), organic matter

2) overwintering--moderate soil temperatures, as above if organic Staking Labels Pruning

ideal, most survive well without any

1) "deadhead" spent flowers

2) cut back during growth 3) deleaf unattractive foliage as browns, dies (columbines, bergenia, black snakeroot, dicentra, foxglove, heuchera, hosta, lungwort)


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