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Department of Plant and Soil Science

Animal Pests of Flowers                 OH 52

Dr. Leonard P. Perry, Extension Professor

I. General

Difficulties, esp. compared to insects, diseases, weeds

Repellents communicable diseases such as rabies Killing II. Pests

Mice/Voles--serious problem across country, look similar and cause similar damage but are distantly related

Moles--serious problem across country Pocket Gophers--occasional problem in deep South and West Chipmunks/Ground squirrels--former serious problem in East, latter serious problem in West, similar Tree Squirrels--occasional problem across country Rabbits--serious problem across the country Groundhogs/Woodchucks--occasional problem in northern states Skunks--occasional problem across country Racoons--occasional problem across country Deer--serious problem across country, even in populated areas with few natural predators and strict control laws Dogs--serious problem across country Cats--usually beneficial by catching rodents, but may be serious problem across country

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