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False Indigo

False Indigo (Baptisia australis) is a great perennial, in fact it is the 2010 Perennial Plant of the Year.  Which of the following about it are True/False.  answers below.
It is in the pea/bean/legume family.
2. Plants form "instant shrubs" about 3-4ft high, and 4-6 feet across.
3. Flowers of the species are blue.
4. There are flowers on related cultivars and hybrids in white, yellow, and bicolors.
5. Plants are readily transplanted.
6. Foliage turns black in fall, and is attractive next to tan ornamental grasses.
7.  Flowers bloom in early spring.
8.  Plants are often prone to pests and diseases.
9. Plants are cold hardy to only USDA zone 5.
10. Seedpods are attractive in late summer and fall, and rattle in the wind.



1. T

2. T

3. T

4. T

5. F 

6. T

7. F
8. F

9. F

10. T

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