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Ozark Bluestars

Also known as Arkansas or threadleaf bluestars, Amsonia hubrichtii is the Perennial Plant of the Year for 2011.  Which statements are true or false.    answers below.  (need more details?  check out the Sept. 2010 plant feature)

1.  this is in the daisy family  T   F
2.  up to 3ft. high and wide    T   F
3.  narrow leaves to 3-inches long    T   F
4.  red fall color    T   F
5.  flowers star-shaped, light blue    T   F
6.  flowers individual, along stems    T   F
7.  grows in USDA zones 3-9    T   F
8.  grows best in shade    T   F
9.  species is native to the south central U.S.   T   F
10.  vigorous, needs division yearly    T   F




1. False, dogbane or Apocynaceae family
2. True, less where cooler
3. True, 3/4-inch wide
4. False, golden
5.  True, whiter where warm
6.  False, compact panicles at stem tips
7.  False, zones 6-5, perhaps to 5
8.  False, grows best in sun, may tolerate part shade
9.  True, found in Ozark mtns in 1942 by naturalist Leslie Hubricht
10.  False, may not need division for many years

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