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Pioneers of American Landscapes

Match the following person with a fact about them.  For more, see Pioneers of American Landscape Design, Birnbaum and Karson, McGraw Hill.   
1. Thomas Jefferson a. home and gardens is Monticello, in Charlottesville, VA
2.  John Bartram b. a leader in establishing the first regional parks system in the country, in Boston
3.  Beatrix Farrand c.  one of first women landscape architects, best remaining work is Gibraltar, Wilmington DE; also designed the Kings Garden at Fort Ticonderoga in NY
4.  Charles Eliot d. the son of the father of landscape architecture, he helped establish the first four-year degree in this (Harvard) and basically wrote the 1916 bill establishing the National Park Service
5.  Fletcher Steele e.  a pioneer woman landscape architect in the early 20th century, mainly of residential landscapes, often of outdoor "rooms" enclosed by evergreens with formal structure
6.  Arthur Shurcliff f. author in early 20th century whose books such as Colour in My Garden furthered perennial garden design
7.  Marian Cruger Coffin g.  Chief landscape architect in restoration of Colonial Williamsburg from 1928 to 1941, also designed the gardens of Goddard College in VT
8.  Louise Beebe Wilder h. he used vivid colors, industrial materials, and abstract plant forms, as in Naumkeag in MA
9. Ellen Biddle Shipman i. finest surviving work is Dumbarton Oaks in Washington, DC
10.  Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. j. America's first botanic garden at his home on the banks of the Schuylkill, on the edge of Philadelphia



1. a

2. j

3. i

4. b

5. h

6. g

7. c

8. f

9. e

10. d

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