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Fronds and other fern terms

Match the following species name with its descriptive meaning.   See answers below.
1. frond a. modified storage organ near leaf bases
2.  trophopod b. leaf, often divided into segments
3. pinnate c. another word for ferns and their relatives
4.  rachis d. central leaf stalk
5.  pinnae e. twice pinnate or divided leaves
6.  spore f. compound leaf, leaflets along either side of central stalk
7.  bipinnate g.  leaflets of a divided leaf
8. fertile frond h. reproductive unit, the "seed" of ferns
9. sporophyte i. visible fern plant stage that produces spores
10.  pteridophyte j. fern leaf that produces spores



1. b

2. a

3. f

4. d

5. g

6. h

7. e

8. j

9. i

10. c

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