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Pollination terms

Pollinators are a hot topic in gardening.  Match these pollination terms with their description.  Answers at the bottom.

1.cleptoparasites a. insects that use the nest of another to raise its larvae
2. sonication b. resemblance of an insect to another, such as wasps, to avoid predation
3. brood cell c. used by bumble bees to dislodge pollen from anthers with vibration
4. pollinia d. tendency of a pollinator to move reliably between the same flower species
5. oligolectic e. an egg laying site in a bee nest where larvae develop
6. polylectic f. opening of anthers to release pollen
7. aposematism g. sacs containing pollen, a pair connected by a filament
8. dehiscence h. bright color of monarch caterpillars and adults to deter predators
9. mimicry i. a specialist bee, feeding on a narrow plant range such as asters
10. floral constancy j. most bees, who collect pollen from many different plants



1. a

2. c

3. e

4. g

5. i

6. j

7. h

8. f

9. b

10. d

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