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Word scramble--ferns

Can you unscramble the following fern genus names? Common names are hints.   answers below.
Maidenhair fern a m d u i t n a
Lady fern y r h i t u m a
Hay-scented fern d n s a d i t a t e e n
Wood fern p o d r e t r i s y
Ostrich fern t a m c u e t c i a
Sensitive fern a n l e o c o 
Cinnamon fern m a n d o s a
Tassel fern t i s h d y m u p c
Japanese beech fern t i s h e l p y t e r
Virginia chain fern i d o o w d a r w a




2. athyrium

3. dennstaedtia

4. dryopteris

5. matteuccia

6. onoclea

7. osmunda

8. polystichum

9. thelypteris

10. woodwardia

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