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Rain garden perennials

Rain gardens have become popular, especially in areas with lots of rain that might otherwise wash pollutants into surface water.  Match the species or choice cultivar with the genus of perennials suited for such gardens that might be dry, then wet.   answers below.
genus species or cultivar
1.  Asclepias a.  'Gateway'
2.  Aster b. incarnata
3.  Boltonia c. asteroides
4. Coreopsis d. novae-angliae
5. Eupatorium e. autumnale
6. Helenium f.  digitalis
7.  Helianthus g. laciniata
8. Penstemon h. 'Lemon  Queen'
9. Rudbeckia i. graminifolia
10. Solidago j. verticillata



1. b

2. d

3. c

4. j

5. a

6. e

7. h
8. f

9. g

10. i 

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