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Valentine plant names

Unscramble the following cultivar names of perennials with names related to Valentine's Day.  Hint:  many contain the words heart, chocolate, love or a variation. Answers below.

1. veeilntan    (one word, a dicentra or bleeding heart)
2. tenbrghsinrua (two word, a dicentra)
3. grhwtoalegin (two words, a daylily)
4. islnoelvto (three words, a bearded iris)  
5. ltopvea (two words, a hosta)  
6. ovlonges (two words, a hosta or a rose)  
7. roelcstvee (two words, a coneflower or echinacea)  
8. erdeooltlevup (three words, a daylily)  
9. hclaoancoycdte (two words, a daylily)  
10. oacrseoersg  (two words, a daylily)



1. Valentine

2. Burning Hearts

3. Glowing Heart

4. Love in Love

5. Love Pat

6. Love Song

7. Secret Love

8. Prelude to Love

9. Chocolate Candy

10. Rose Corsage

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