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New Perennials

Here are some new perennials for 2016 or recently.  Match the plant to description.  Answers follow.

1. 'Songbird Blue Bird' a. columbine, large flowers up to 3in. across, upward facing, blue sepals and white corolla
2. 'Blue Barlow' b. evening primrose, large golden yellow flowers much of summer, 6in. tall mats, narrow leaves
3. 'Chocolate Shogun' c. downy phlox, lavender blue flowers with blue eyes, late spring, narrow leaves
4. 'Ninja Stars' d. astilbe, dark purple foliage, pink-tinged white plumes mid-summer
5. 'Victorian Secret' e. epimedium from China, undulating narrow leaves blushed chocolate early, yellow spring flowers
6. 'Silver Wings' f.Shasta daisy, double white flowers, slightly cupped frilly petals, long bloom
7. 'Bungalow Blue' g. potentilla, serrated leaves, double crimson flowers late spring to late summer
8. 'Flamboyant'
h. columbine, late spring to early summer, spurless flowers, double deep violet blue
9. 'Sun Sparkler Blue Pearl'
i. sedum, grayish green to reddish leaves, pale pink flowers late summer, 8-10in. tall
10. 'Plum Perfection' j. sedum, deep blue leaves all season, hot pink flowers in late summer, 18-20in. tall



1. a

2. h

3. d

4. e

5. f

6. b

7. c

8. g

9. j

10. i

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