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Botanic Gardens

Botanic and public gardens are great places to visit anytime, but especially to get an early jump on spring or ideas and plants for your garden.  Planning travels?  Try to fit in one of more of these if nearby.   How well do you know some specific details and resources of a few of our top gardens in North America?  Visit their websites to learn more.  Match a key fact with each....  answers below.
1. Longwood Gardens a. Here you will find some of the most extensive trials of perennial genera for the north, with results online.  My favorite garden is their large scale train layout!
2.  Missouri Botanical Garden b.  In this world reknown showplace you'll find Pierce's Woods with native plants.
3.  Chicago Botanic Garden c. This garden is perhaps most famous for its spring-flowering cherries, and series of horticultural handbooks  published since 1945.
4.  Atlanta Botanical Garden d.  One of their great online resources is the Kemper Plant Finder, with information on thousands of plants.
5. Selby Botanic Garden e. Outside the Fuqua conservatory you will find several Conservation gardens.
6. New York Botanic Garden f.  A focus of this garden in Sarasota is the conservation of tropical plants.  It features many Florida "perennials".
7.  Brooklyn Botanic Garden g. Their desert garden is one of the largest and oldest such collections of cacti and succulents in the world.
8. Huntington Botanical Gardens h. Among the notable aspects to this garden in the Bronx, a National Historic Landmark is its Enid Hauupt Conservatory--the nation's largest Victorian glasshouse.  They are also known for their holiday model train show.
9. Montreal Botanic Garden i. This National Historic Site in western Canada has 55 acres of quite colorful gardens, including a converted quarry.
10. Butchart Gardens j. Considered by many the second most important or largest botanic garden in the world, here you can find the largest Chinese garden outside of China. A special feature is the Chinese lantern display each fall.



1. b

2. d

3. a

4. e

5. f

6. h

7. c


9. j

10. i

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