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Influential Persons of Horticulture

Can you identify the persons who have had major influences on some aspect of gardening? Answers below. They and more can be found in several articles (

1. America's first botanist, from Pennsylvania in the early 1700's.  His home in Philadephia can be visited, as well as the grounds--America's oldest botanic garden.

2. This famous German nurseryman in the mid 1900s introduced many perennials including Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm'.

3. This French engineer built the first greenhouse in 1619.

4. This famous student of Linnaeus in Sweden  (1743-1828) introduced many new plants to Europe.  His name was given to a popular genus of vines.  His introduction, the perennial Houttuynia, was named for one of his funding patrons.

5. The father of botany in Britain (1508-1568)
wrote an herbal, the first to include native plants.  His books were the earliest English records of many plants.

6. An important landscape architect in the U.S. this past century, he is perhaps best known for Naumkeag in Stockbridge, MA.

This English gardener and architect (1803-1865) was responsible for some of the great parks of his time, including giant greenhouses and the famous Crystal Palace.  He also was a prolific writer in botany and horticulture.  

8. This Irishman
(c.1775-1816) ran a well-known nursery in Philadelphia, one of the first in the country, and in 1806 published the first book on gardening in America, The American Gardener's Calendar.

9. One of the greatest and best known french landscapers
(1613-1700), he is responsible for many famous gardens including those at Versailles.

10. This nurseryman and plant collector in England in the first half of the 20th century is famous for his nursery and garden of alpine plants, plant introductions such as Geranium renardii, and classic references such as the Manual of Alpine Plants.


1. John Bartram

2.  Karl Foerster

3. Salomon de Cans 

4. Carl Peter Thunberg

5. William Turner

6. Fletcher Steele

7. Sir Joseph Paxton

8. Bernard McMahon 

9. Andre LeNotre 

10. Walter Ingwersen

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