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Family Pairs

What families are these pairs members of? It may surprise you how seemingly diverse genera are actually related.  (hint: some families are used more than once)

1. Nepeta and Lamium
2.  Rudbeckia and Aster
3.  Trollius and Ranunculus
4.  Tulip and Lily
5.  Iberis and Crambe
6. Hosta and Hemerocallis
7. Ligularia and Liatris
8. Anemone and Aquilegia
9. Miscanthus and Festuca
10. Delphinium and Peony



1. Lamiaceae

2. Asteraceae, aster, composite, sunflower

3. Ranunculaceae, buttercup, ranunculus

4. Liliaceae, lily

5. Brassicaceae, mustard

6. Liliaceae, lily

7. Asteraceae, aster

8. Ranunculaceae, buttercup

9.  Poaceae, grass

10. Ranunculaceae, buttercup


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