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Hellebore or Lenten rose is named for blooming during that time of year.  Many have been bred in recent years, with hardiness an issue with some in the far north. All the below are listed as hardy to USDA zone 4 (-20 to -30F winter minimum average).  Match the description to the cultivar.  answers below. 

1. Brandywine a.double black-purple, from O'Byrnes (OR)
2. Ivory Prince b. raspberry red, white center flecks, double
3. Stained Glass c. large, double flowering in reds and purples
4. Royal Heritage d. series with various colors, from Germany
5. Lady series e.  series from David Culp of Pennsylvania
6. Mango Magic Winter Thriller f. ivory petals age rose, from England, floriferous
7. Candy Love Winter Magic g.  yellow orange, red speckles and edges to petals
8. Berry Swirl h. flowers above foliage in pastel shades, from Belgium
9. Harlequin Gem i. hybrids in various colors, from Wayside Gardens
10. Onyx Odyssey j. double purplish rose, from Burpee



1. e

2. f

3. j

4. i

5. d

6. g

7. h

8. c

9. b

10. a

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