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Plant Disease Terms

Understanding plant diseases and their controls begins with understanding a few terms.  Match the term with its definition.  Answers are at the bottom. 

1. phytopathology a. to move internally through a plant, as do many bacteria
2. fungi b. submicroscopic organisms, genetic material surrounded by protein
3. bacteria c. microscopic organisms, single cells, reproduce by fission of cell walls, as wilts
4. virus d. study and science of plant diseases
5. viroid e. microscopic organisms in filaments, reproduce with spores, as gray mold
6. disinfect f. submicroscopic, single strand of RNA, as chrysanthemum stunt
7. disinfest g. ridding an already infected plant of a pathogen
8. sterilize h. kill pathogens as on tools, surfaces, that have yet to cause disease
9. systemic i. removing infected plant parts, sanitizing tools and surfaces
10. sanitation j. kill all organisms, good and bad, as with high heat



1. d

2. e

3. c

4. b

5. f

6. g

7. h

8. j

9. a

10. i

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