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Lungworts are good perennials to add color to shade from their varied leaves, often marked with white, and flowers.  Below are some of the newer cultivars.  Try and match their names with descriptions.   answers below.
1. Bubble Gum a. silver spotted leaves; pink flowers
2.  Cotton Cool b.  green leaves, silver spots; coral flowers fade blue, long bloom
3.  Dark Vader c. silver leaves; blue flowers
4.  Excalibur d.  green leaves, silver spots; large rich blue flowers
5. High Contrast e. dark green leaves with silver; large pink flowers fade blue
6. Milky Way f.  leaves lance-shaped, silver spots; dark pink flowers fade blue
7.  Moonshine g. rounded silvery leaves, thin dark green edge; small pale blue flowers
8. Raspberry Splash h. silver leaves edged dark green; purple-blue flowers
9. Trevi Fountain i. highly silver spotted leaves; pink to dark blue flowers
10. Victorian Brooch j. green leaves, silver spots, pointed; flowers purple-red



1. a

2. c

3. i

4. h

5. e

6. f

7. g

8. j

9. d

10. b

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