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Animal Names

Some perennials bear names of animals, often as they resemble them or some anatomical part.  Can you match the genus with the cultivar or common name of such animals (or related wildlife)?    answers below.
GenusCultivar or common name
1. Acanthus a. bear's breeches
2. Monarda b. cowslip
3. Pennisetum c. catmint
4. LIlium tigrinum d. tiger Lily
5. Nepeta e. bee balm
6. Primula veris f. 'Little Bunny'
7. Digitalis g. Goat's beard
8. Tricytris h.toad-lily
9. Aruncus i. turtlehead
10. Chelone j. foxglove



1. a, as bears don't weat pants or breeches, the names is likely a confusion of a medieval Latin description

2. e, obviously attractive to bees

3. f, from the soft fuzzy flowers, and little plant

4. d, orange with black spots, somewhat like a tiger's

5. c, attractive to the felines, some species and cultivars that is

6. b, English name, maybe a patch make cows slip?

7.  j, flowers or one species are "fox red", and the flowers resemble fingers of a glove

8.  h, flowers are spotted like toads

9.  g, white flowers resembling the chinny chin chin of goats

10.  i, hooded flowers resemble just that 

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