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Heirloom Hardy Daffodils

Match the cultivar to its description/year introduced.  Need clues and source?  Check out (group, season, color of corolla petals:color of corona trumpet, year introduced)
1.  April Queen a.  2:large cup, mid, W-YYO, 1938
2.  Argent b. 1:trumpet, early W-W, 1923
3.  Beersheba c. 1:trumpet, early, Y-Y, 1899
4.  Carlton d. 4:double, late mid, W-Y, 1902
5.  Geranium e. 2:large cup, early, Y-Y, 1927
6.  King Alfred f. 8:poetaz, late mid, W-O, 1930
7.  Queen of the North g. 3:small cup, late mid, W-Y, 1908
8.  Rip van Winkle h.  4:double, very early, Y-Y, 1670
9.  Thalia i. 4:double, early, Y-Y, 1884
10.  Van Sion j. 5:triandrus, late mid, W-W, 1916



1. a

2. d

3. b

4. e

5. f

6. c

7. g

8. i

9. j

10. h

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