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A great spring-flowering bulb, good to naturalize, almost no maintenance, hardy, makes large clumps over time.  Match the description to the cultivar.  answers below. 

1. Actaea a. trumpet type, white with yellow cup
2. Billy Graham b. large cup, yellow petals and cup
3. Bravoure c.large cup, white, red-edged cup
4. Carlton d. heirloom poeticus type, white petals, small yellow cup
5. Easter Bonnet e.  large cup, white, white cup
6. Easter Morn f. large cup, white, pink cup
7. Hawera g.  triandrus (multiple flowers per stem)  lemon yellow
8. Jetfire h. white trumpet
9. Mount Hood i. cyclamineus, yellow reflexed petals, orange trumpet
10. Ring of Fire j. large cup, yellow petals, pink cup



1. d

2. j

3. a

4. b

5. f

6. e

7. g

8. i

9. h

10. c

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