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Among the Top Ten

These are some of the top perennials, taken from top ten lists and the book of the same name by Kerry Mendez (  Match the cultivar to genus and description.  Answers at the bottom.

1.'Gold Heart' a. Bigroot geranium, deep pink flowers, groundcover
2. 'King of Hearts' b. purple coneflower, good for tough (but well-drained) sites
3. 'Moonbeam' c. yarrow, canary yellow flowers, good for hot and dry sites
4. 'Chocolate Wings' d. thread leaf coreopsis, bright yellow flowers
5. 'Prairie Sky' e. Dicentra, fringed blue leaves, deep pink flowers
6.'Pam's Choice' f. Dicentra, gold foliage
7. 'Bevan's Variety' g. Rodgersia, part to full shade, moist soils
8. 'Magnus' h. switch grass, powdery blue leaves
9. 'Little Rocket' i.biennial foxglove, white flowers with red speckles
10. 'Yellow Seduction' j. ligularia, yellow flowers, best in and prefers moist soils (aka "pigs in mud")



1. f

2. e

3. d

4. g

5. h

6. i

7. a

8. b

9. j

10. c

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