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Butterfly perennials

Match the common name with genus of these perennials that attract butterflies.    answers below.
common name genus
1.  False Aster a.  Boltonia
2. Boneset b. Liatris
3.  Blazing Star c. Caryopteris
4. Blue Mist d. Vernonia
5. Tickseed e. Eupatorium
6. Culvers Root f.  Veronicastrum
7. Ironweed g. Coreopsis
8. Skullcap h. Scutellaria
9. Pincushion flower i. Kalimeris
10. Asian Aster j. Scabiosa



1. a

2. e

3. b

4. c

5. g

6. f

7. d
8. h

9. j


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