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Heirloom Hardy Tulips

Match the cultivar to its description/year introduced.  Need clues and source?  Check out
1.  acuminata a.  yellow, single, late, 26in., 1928
2.  Black Parrot b. dark glossy maroon, ruffled, frilled, 20in., 1937
3.  Bleu Aimable c.  white lily-flowered, late, 24in., 1942
4.  Duc Van Tol Rose d.  white blushed pink, very early, 5-7in., c.1700
5.  Estella Rijnveld e.  spidery, yellow-red, 20in., c.1720
6.  Golden Harvest f. silvery lilac, long lasting Darwin, 24in., 1916
7.  Keizerskroon g.  red and white parrot, late, 18in, 1954
8.  Peach Blossom h.  red edged yellow, single early, 12in., 1750
9.  Prinses Irene i. pink and white double early, 12in., 1890
10.  White Triumphator j. orange and purple triumph, mid, 14in., 1949



1. e

2. b

3. f

4. d

5. g

6. a

7. h

8. i

9. j

10. c

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