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Mint family word jumble

Unscramble the following genus names of perennials that are all related in the mint family (Lamiaceae), and related to the herb mint. Often stems are 4-angled, leaves fragrant, and flowers with joined petals and protruding lower lip.  Answers follow below.  (Need a hint? Common names in random order are obedient plant, Russian sage, catmint, lamb's ear, perennial sage, bee balm, bugleweed, self-heal, anise hyssop, and dead nettle.) 

1. tSchasy

2. yshagisPtoe

3. ierPvakso

4. ilSaav

5. eaptNe

6. danraMo

7. Lmmiua

8. gjauA

9. leralPnu

10. gtaAsecha



1. Stachys

2. Physostegia

3. Perovskia

4. Salvia

5. Nepeta

6. Monarda

7. Lamium

8. Ajuga

9. Prunella

10. Agastache

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