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Arguably tulips are the most popular genus of bulbs, and one of the most known flowers.  Match the cultivar name with the description.  Answers are at the bottom. 

1. Ice Cream a. reddish purple, triumph
2. Queen of the Night b. pink outer petals, mound of white inner petals, peony type
3. Monsella c. petals dark red outside, white inside, narrow; kaufmanniana
4. Angelique d. black, single late
5. Ice Stick e. bluish pink interspersed with white, yellow; double late
6. Boston f. canary yellow with blood red streaks, double early
7. Queensland g. red petals with yellow streaks, triumph
8. Beauty of Apeldoorn h. reddish pink, white lace fringes, double; fringed
9. Daydream i. yellow maturing to orange, Darwin
10. Negrita j. variable all red to all yellow or streaked, Darwin



1. b

2. d

3. f

4. e

5. c

6. g

7. h

8. j

9. i

10. a

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