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Summer bulbs

Match the summer bulb cultivar with its genus and description. Most of these are not hardy in cold and northern gardens (unless noted), but can be overwintered indoors in unheated areas, or as bulbs.  Answers are below.
1. 'Blue Heaven' a. Caladium, heart shaped-leaves, this one red with green edges, loves heat
2. 'Freydek' b. Alocasia, large heart-shaped leaves, this one dark green with white veins
3. 'Florida Cardinal' c. Crinum, white flowers with red petal centers, resemble lilies but in the amaryllis family
4. 'Florida Sunrise' d.  Dahlia, dark red flowers, genus is one of most common summer bulbs
5. 'Stars and Stripes' e. Agapanthus, florets in globe shape on tall stalks, blue
6. 'Pretoria' f. Nerine, bulbs from South Africa with umbels of flowers (this one bluish white) on stems to 2ft tall
7. 'Arabian Night' g. Caladium, heart-shaped leaves, green, red veins, white between veins
8. 'Black Jack' h. Lilium, Asiatic lily with upfacing yellow flowers, red bases to petals, hardy
9. 'Grand Cru' i. Canna, orange flowers above golden yellow leaves
10. 'Stefani' j. Gladiolus, genus is the most common summer bulb,  this one garnet red



1. e

2. b

3. a
4. g 

5. c

6. i

7. d

8. j

9. h

10. f

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