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Heirloom Dahlias

Match the cultivar to its description/year introduced.  Need clues and source?  Check out
1.  Bishop of Llandaff a. scarlet, 3in. semi-double, bronze green leaves, 1927
2.  Glorie van Heemstede b. butter yellow, 4-5in., early, waterlily type, 1947
3.  Juanita c.  burgundy red, 6in., cactus type, 1949
4.  Kaiser Wilhelm d.  pink, 4-6in., semi-cactus type, 1948
5.  Miss Rose Fletcher e.  yellow brushed burgundy, 3in., ball type, 1881
6.  Nutley Sunrise f. orange with gold center, 6-8in., cactus type, 1957
7.  Popular Guest g.  yellow frilled, 4-5in., laciniated, 1959
8.  Promise h. lavender and white, laciniated, 4-6in., 1957
9. Surprise i. peach/yellow/rose, 8-10in., semi-cactus, 1955
10.  Thomas A. Edison j. deep purple, 6-8in., formal decorative, 1929



1. a

2. b

3. c

4. e

5. d

6. f

7. h

8. g

9. i

10. j


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