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Buttercup family word jumble

Unscramble the following genus names of perennials that are all related in the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae).  Answers follow below.  (Need a hint? Common names in random order are buttercup, meadow rue, anemone, delphinium, false anemone, columbine, hellebore, bugbane, clematis, monkshood.) 

1. hirutmaclT

2. giAeluqia

3. usinucRuan

4. Hrlsoeeubl

5. amsiCtel

6. ceatAa

7. uiAotncm

8. nmoAeen

9. slalauiPit

10. hiupniDlme



1. Thalictrum

2. Aquilegia

3. Ranunculus

4. Helleborus

5. Clematis

6. Actaea (includes the former Cimicifuga)

7. Aconitum

8. Anemone

9. Pulsatilla

10. Delphinium

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