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"A" Botany terms

Now these are some terms starting with "a" to test your knowledge! (good for trivia and crosswords) Match the term with the definition. Answers are at the bottom. Find thousands more at the GardenWeb ( 

1. aelophilus a. plants which spread seeds or pollen by wind
2. aerenchyma b. movement or growth in response to wind
3.anastomose c. tissue with large, gas-filled spaces that help aquatic plants with buoyancy
4. anemotropism d. netted, as veins in a leaf
5. anisophyllous e. paired leaves of different sizes or shapes, as in trailing gesneriads
6. antimarginal f. borne at the tip, as a bud terminating a stem
7. anthesis g. blue to purplish-red pigment, as in leaves
8. anthocyanin h. shaped like an ear, like the leaf bases of cape leadwort
9. apical i. flowering period, from the opening of a bud
10. auriculate j. inside of, or not quite extending to the margin (as of leaves)



1. a

2. c

3. d

4. b

5. e

6. j

7. i

8. g

9. f

10. h

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