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Perennial Bee Pollinators-- nesting sites

Bees are a main pollinator of many flowers.  Yet it isn't good enough just to have a diversity of the right flowers, you need places for the bees to nest and call home.  Main nesting places include hollow stems, holes in wood (such as made by other insects or woodpeckers), and ground nests.  List their main nesting sites for each type of bee (some have more than one).  answers follow.

1.bumble bees
2. small resin bees
3.yellow-faced bees
4. mason bees
5. leafcutter bees
6. digger bees
7. mining bees
8. sweat bees

9.sunflower bees

10.small carpenter bees



1. ground

2. stems, wood

3. stems

4. stems, wood

5. stems, wood, ground

6. wood,  ground

7. ground

8. ground

9. ground

10. stems, wood

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