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The purple coneflower (Echinacea) is not just purple anymore, with many new introductions in various flower colors and structures.  Most have flower petals held horizontal (unless noted), unlike traditional coneflowers with petals reflexed downwards at full bloom.  Many (Big Sky series) have come from the Saul nursery in Georgia, yet like most all coneflowers are quite hardy (USDA zone 3 or 4).  Match flower descriptions to the cultivars (cultivated varieties).   answers below. 
1.  'Elton Knight' a.  lemon yellow, in Big Sky series
2.  'Sunrise' b.  brilliant rose-red, in Big Sky series
3.  'Twilight' c.  purple, large flowers to 6in. across, from England
4. 'Sundown' d.  golden yellow with golden orange cone, Big Sky series
5.  'Sunset' e. brilliant orange, fragrant, petals reflexed, Big  Sky series
6.  'Harvest Moon' f.  brilliant orange, fragrant, in Big Sky series
7.  'Paranoia' g. pinkish-red, fragrant, large flowers, dwarf  plants 16in. tall
8.  'Double Decker' h.  double rows of petals held upright, orange cone
9. 'Little Giant' i.  orange, one of first new introductions
10.  'Orange Meadowbrite' j.  purple, two-tiered blooms with some petals out of cone



1.  c

2.  a

3.  b

4.  f

5.  e

6.  d

7.  h

8.  j

9.  g

10.  i

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