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Gardening Milestones--II

Below are a few  milestones in the timeline of botany and gardening in the 17th and 18th centuries.  Can you match when they occurred?   answers below. 
1. 1608 a. first account of plant hybridization (Calton Mather)
2.  1634 b.  first major seedhouse in No. Amer. (Landreth Bros.)
3.  1649 c.  first  experimental evidence of sex in plants (Camerer)
4.  1694 d.  famous Chelsea Physic garden (London) begun
5. 1716e. Culpepper wrote his famous herbal
6. 1722 f.  first attempt to organize plant families (Adanson)
7.  1744 g.  rubber introduced to Europe from So. America
8. 1753 h. tulipomania began in Holland (lasted 3 years)
9.  1763 i.  Linnaeus developed system of binomial names
10.  1784 j. first Europe florilegium (by Robine Valet)



1. j

2. h

3. e

4. c

5. a

6. d

7. g

8. i

9. f

10. b

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