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Coreopsis Old and New

Match the "tickseed" cultivar to its description.  Several are new from the Big Bang series, bred by Darrell Probst (MA), listed as hardy to zone 4.  
1.  Redshift a. bright gold, double, 18-24in. 
2.  Early Sunrise b. bright gold yellow, fluted petals, 18in.
3.  Galaxy c.  blush pink, rose-red eye, gold center, 8-15in.
4.  Jethro Tull d.  dark coppery, sport of Creme Brulee, 16-20in. 
5.  Cosmic Eye e.  Big Bang series, white with burgundy eye, 24-30in.
6.  Cosmic Evolution f. Big Bang series, bright yellow, 3in. across, 24-30in. 
7.  Heaven's Gate g.  Big Bang series, white with red streaks, large 3in. across, 18-30in. 
8.  Full Moon h. Big Bang series, yellow, wide dark red center, 20in. 
9. Sienna Sunset i. Big Bang series, bright yellow semi-double, 12in. 
10.  Star Cluster j. Big Bang series, deep red center lightens to cream, 30-36in. 



1. j

2. a

3. i

4. b

5. h

6. g

7. c

8. f

9. d

10. e

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