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Public Gardens

Summer is a great time to visit public gardens. Match the trait to the garden, all of which have been on Gardens of the Month in 2010-2012.  answers below.  
1. a huge Chinese lantern festival is held each fall a. Hershey Gardens
2. in Richmond, Virginia, in 2010 featured a special exhibit of Hans Godo Frabel b. Morris Arboretum
3. near Philadelphia, among the many features are conservatories, fountains, annual border color themed c.  Delaware Valley 
4. near Philadelphia, affiliated with the Univ. of Penn. d. Longwood Gardens
5.  near Philadelphia, this college has an arboretum for its campus e. Lewis Ginter
6. an extensive and elaborate free county public park and gardens near Wheaton, MD f. Montreal Botanic Gardens
7.  another free county park, this one features tropicals g.  Chanticleer
8.  one of the more important and large botanical gardens in this country, houses the Kemper Center for Home Horticulture h. Brookside
9. near Philadelphia, one of the country's top pleasure gardens, featuring unusual plants, design, and a recreated ruins i. Florida Botanical Gardens
10.  Looking at their famous rose garden, you may smell chocolate in addition to the roses j. Missouri Botanical Garden



1. f

2. e

3. d

4. b

5. c

6. h

7. i

8. j

9. g

10. a

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