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Tough Coneflowers

Of 100 coneflowers in my USDA zone 4a field trials going into the brutal winter of 2013-14, 49 survived.  These are among the toughest survivors with best regrowth.  Match the cultivar with the description.  Answers are at the bottom. 

1. Alba a. white reflexed ray flowers
2. Coconut Lime b. open green, with time centers turn purplish
3.Fragrant Angel c. double flowered white, pompom center, single outer petals
4. Green Envy d. white ray flowers horizontal, orange-yellow center cone
5. Happy Star e. white form of Rubinstern, horizontal distinct white petals, grown from seeds
6. Marmalade f. white, large golden-orange cone, compact 2ft or less tall
7. paradoxa g. compact 2ft. or less tall, rose magenta ray flowers
8. Prairie Splendor h. fire-engine red, compact 2ft. or less tall
9. Purity i. yellow, thin petals reflexed
10. Sombrero Salsa Red j. orange, double, early to flower



1. a

2. c

3. d

4. b

5. e

6. j

7. i

8. g

9. f

10. h

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