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Plant Problems

Here are some common plant problems.  A good identification reference (with lots of colorful diagrams and photos) for these and more is What's Wrong with My Plant, by Deardorff and Wadsworth.  Match the symptom to possible solution.  answers follow.

1. whole plant is wilted, especially tips, soil has dried out or it is hot and windy a. drought
2. whole plant is wilted, soil is moist, climate is good, plant was recently transplanted b. nitrogen deficiency
3. some leaves are discolored, especially older ones, plants may be wilted c.too much light
4. seedlings have fallen over on their side, within a day or two d. overwatering
5. whole leaf is discolored, black on leaves can be rubbed off with green below e. damping off disease
6. leaves at bases of branches are yellow, main veins are green  f.sooty mold
7. leaves at tips of branches are completely yellow g. leaf skeletonizer insect
8. leaves have flat or sunken spots with lacy network of fibers
h. transplant shock
9. leaves have a very fine stippling, webbing on leafs especially undersides
i. rust disease
10. bumps on undersides leaves, mainly brown with powdery spores j.spider mites



1. a

2. h

3. d

4. e

5. f

6. b

7. c

8. g

9. j

10. i

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