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Small hostas for small spaces

Have a small yard?  Running out of room?  Then try a small hosta if your site has part to full shade.  Try and match the cultivar name with the appropriate leaf description (introducer and year also given).   answers below.
1. Cracker Crumbs a. white with green edge, tapered leaves, Avent 98
2.  Pandora's Box b.  white with green edge, leaves arrow-shaped and rippled, Malloy 98
3.  Silver Streak c. blue, sport of Blue Cadet, Deckert '00
4.  Banana Puddin d.  gold, undulating edges, Zumbar NR
5.  Hidden Cove e. white with blue-green edge, sport of Baby Bunting, Hanson 98
6. Country Mouse f.  gold with green edge, sport of 'Shiny Penny', Solberg 02
7.  Dragon Tails g. white with green edge, twisted leaves, Klopping 86
8. Blue Mouse Ears h. yellow, 'Peter Pan' x 'Sun Power', Avent 06
9.  Surprised by Joy i.  blue-green with white edge, sport of 'Bill Dress's Blue', Hansen 06
10.  Teeny-weeny Bikini j. gold with green edge, pointed leaves, Malloy 98



1. f

2. e

3. g

4. h

5. j

6. i

7. d

8. c

9. b

10. a

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