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This is a popular genus of perennials, with many new cultivars.  Match them to their descriptions.   answers below.
1.  Blue River II a. large white flowers, bluish deep green leaves, 4-5ft
2.  Crown Jewels b. bright burgundy red flowers, leaves finely cut, 4-5ft
3. Fantasia c. large rose pink flowers, 3-4ft
4.Fireball d. flowers white with red eyes facing up, plum leaves, 2-3ft
5. Kopper King e. large white flowers with red eyes, reddish leaves, 3-4ft
6. Lady Baltimore f.  dark pink flowers with darker eyes, purplish deeply cut leaves, 3-4ft
7. Moy Grande g. bright pink flowers, purple leaves in sun, 3ft
8. Plum Crazy h. velvety deep red flowers, dense, 3ft
9. Robert Fleming i. pink flowers with darker eye, 4-5ft
10. Royal Gems j. lavender flowers with ruffled edges, rounded habit, 3-4ft



1. a

2. d

3. j

4. b

5. e

6. i

7. c

8. f

9. h

10. g

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